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Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics is a religious/spiritual organization whose Pastor & Parishioners endeavor to exercise their right to religious freedom granted by the First Amendment of our Nation's Constitution - and advanced by the RFRA - and forge a new path of discovery with respect to our ability to engage in - aided and guided by the knowledge and wisdom revealed by Neuroscience - a form of religious/spiritual practice that explores the relationship between substances which effect the neurochemistry of our miraculous neuron(s), our consciousness/awareness and The Divine Creator(s)/The Grand Architect(s)/God & Grace/Allah/Yahweh/The Universe/The Source/The Greater Consciousness.... which created not only our individual consciousness but also the neuron(s) that give physical expression to our consciousness/awareness as well as substances that may influence our neuron(s) and thus the physical expression of our consciousness/awareness.

Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™: Sacred Substances for Joyful, Free, Inquisitive Spirits & Minds™

Methoxetamine (MXE), Etizolam, Prolintane, 5-MAPB, NADH, Tianeptine

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"There is a part of us that longs for something tangible [that reminds us of, and connects us to, The Divine Creator(s)/The Grand Architect(s)/God] that....interacts with the senses. The sacraments, those sacred mixtures of matter and the Holy Spirit, fulfill that need." From: 'The Sacramentals: What are they? Regina Doman. EWTN Global Catholic Television Network

FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015 UPDATE: The TeRMS of Service have been updated; the Entrance/Retention Exam and related study guide may not be available for several days until the changes to the TeRMS of Service can be incorporated into the Entrance/Retention Exam and related study guide. Thank you for your patience.

Parishioners, please familiarize yourself and use our Church's Kind & Bright Vocabulary in your communications; your mindfulness in this regard shall be taken as an indicator of the degree to which you are being mindful in your own practice with respect to the observance of our Church's Rites of Beneficence.

The Education Section has been updated with a pdf copy of Knowledge of the Holy as well as a section on the "Synthetic" Substance Myth and updated educational primers for BRIGHT™ and FOCUS™ Sacraments. 

I have been compelled to adopt a Conscientious Contribution model with respect to requests for Sacrament.

Completing a phone consultation with every Parishioner continues to be a very time intensive process. Thank you for your patience if we have yet to speak by phone.

Please read my Open letter to Parishioners.

Please read this educational primer on Variance in the Beneficent Potential of Sacrament.

 Your Parishionership and Support is Greatly Appreciated. Kind & Bright Regards, Jeremy Kerr, Ph.D. - Pastor

Offerings of Molecular Sacrament


as European Source
(~25mg Tablets)


as Chinese Source
(~25mg Tablets)


as Etizolam
(~1mg Tablets)


as 5-MAPB HCl
(~25mg Tablets)


as Tianeptine
(~12.5mg Tablets)


as Prolintane
(~20mg Tablets)


(~10mg Tablets)



Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™ strives to provide accurate & factual information about our offerings of Molecular Sacrament/Sacred Substances relevant to partaking Molecular Sacrament/Sacred Substances; therefore we Kindly note that

  • Notwithstanding FDA-appoval status, Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics warrants that Molecular Sacrament/Sacred Substances are fit for Human consumption when partaken in accordance with RITES OF BENEFICENCE.
  • Molecular Sacrament/Sacred Substances may not be Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved for Human consumption. Please refer to the information provided on this website as well as within the selection cart listing, and/or the label of any given Molecular Sacrament for information relating to FDA-approval status. The practice of providing notice regarding FDA-approval status of Molecular Sacrament is solely intended to provide information about Molecular Sacrament that is relevant to potential partakence of Molecular Sacrament and does not imply that the FDA has the authority the regulate partakence of Molecular Sacrament as part of our sincerely held religious and spiritual beliefs, values, and practices; the Constitution of the United States of America expressly prohibits any government agency from regulating the religious and spiritual practice(s) of individuals who reside within these Wondrous United States of America.
  • Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™ offers no substances whatsoever that are classified as a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS), of any schedule, under Federal law; State laws vary; we trust that Louisiana's 'analog' (RS 13: 5233 "Free Exercise of Religion Protected)) of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (42 U.S.C. § 2000bb through 2000bb-4) fully exempts and protects Church of Neuroscience and its body of Parishioners in the State of Louisiana from prosecution for the distribution and or possession of the Sacraments MXE, 5-APB, 5-APDB, MDAI and/or others. Church of Neuroscience further trusts that, ultimately, any state's effort to regulate as a Schedule I substance, under state law, any substance that is not regulated under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) will ultimately be vacated by the Federal Court system as being unconstitutional under Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 (the Interstate Commerce Clause) of the Constitution of the United States of America.

NOTICE: K&B Organics™ & the K&B Organics logo are registered trademarks in the State of Louisiana. Any use of these trademarks, or any other trademark utilized by Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™ is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized by notarized, written authorization of Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™.

USPS Priority® Mail, Priority Express® Mail, and other trademarks that may be referenced on this website are properties of their respective owners; Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™ uses such trademarks in relation to the use of services utilized by K&B Organics™ and/or as part of the educational materials in which certain trademarked terms (e.g. Valium® and Xanax®) may be referenced.


We are grateful for and to The Divine Creator(s) / The Grand Architects(s)/God/Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus/Allah/Buddah/The Universe/It/and all other linguistic or symbolic representations of a like entity (or entities) for Existence, for Life, and for Healing, Beneficent Molecular Sacrament He/She/They/It has handed down to us at this time for our Beneficent use.

We are grateful for the very Kind & extraordinarily Bright individuals associated with the (now apparently defunct) Association of Independent Research Chemical Retailers (AIRCR) for their invaluable investment in the development and production of Methoxetamine®, 6-APB, & MDAI that are among the Molecular Sacrament of Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™. K&B Organics™ is not affiliated or associated with the Association of Independent Research Chemical Retailers (AIRCR) or any of its individual members.

We are  grateful to, and for, George Birkmayer, M.D., Ph.D. - the very Kind & extraordinarily Bright original developer of the life-affirming, and miraculously restorative NADH - which is just one of the evolutionary Molecular Sacrament offered by Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics

We are grateful to the United States Postal Service (USPS) and its Kind & Invaluable staff for providing safe & secure shipping of our Church's Sacrament(s) to it Parishioners throughout the United States.

All content on this website was produced by Jeremy Don Kerr, Ph.D. - Pastor- Church of Neuroscience L3C aka K&B Organics™. If you have any questions, or would like to offer feedback, regarding any of the content posted herein, please send a message using the e-mail support ticket system available through the 'Contact' link.

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